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  • Celestial Seasonings Green Tea, Sleepytime Decaf Blackberry Pomegranate, 20 Count (Pack Of 6)
  • Celestial Seasonings Green Tea, Sleepytime Decaf Blackberry Pomegranate, 20 Count (Pack Of 6)
  • Celestial Seasonings Green Tea, Sleepytime Decaf Blackberry Pomegranate, 20 Count (Pack Of 6)
  • Celestial Seasonings Green Tea, Sleepytime Decaf Blackberry Pomegranate, 20 Count (Pack Of 6)
  • Celestial Seasonings Green Tea, Sleepytime Decaf Blackberry Pomegranate, 20 Count (Pack Of 6)
  • Celestial Seasonings Green Tea, Sleepytime Decaf Blackberry Pomegranate, 20 Count (Pack Of 6)

Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings Green Tea, Sleepytime Decaf Blackberry Pomegranate, 20 Count (Pack Of 6)

Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings Green Tea, Sleepytime Decaf Blackberry Pomegranate, 20 Count (Pack Of 6)

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Product Description Product Description
  • Six 20-count boxes of Sleepytime Decaf Blackberry Pomegranate Green tea bags
  • Infused with echinacea, zinc, vitamin C and elderberry
  • Includes chamomile and lemongrass for calmness
  • Decaffeinated and gluten-free
  • Steep in hot water for 4-6 minutes for the perfect cup
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Smooth and pleasant!I've drank a lot of green tea from berry-flavored to Jasmine to the plain old stuff. I recently realized that I'm sensitive to caffeine and can't have it, so I needed a quality replacement. After a lot of searching, I decided to order some of the mint decaf. And boy does it deliver on its promises!When they say it's smooth, they aren't kidding. This is the smoothest tasting green tea I've ever drank. The addition of mint and white tea makes makes for a unique and pleasant flavor. Outside of the lack of a slight caffeine boost, this tea is indistinguishable from the normal caffeinated kind.Honestly, I would buy this even if I didn't have to worry about caffeine. It just tastes great! Highly recommended!5Floral and Refreshing FlavorHaving been a decaf green tea drinker for years of many brands, I've found out sticking to one brand does not mean it will taste the same year-to-year. Flavors will alter from slight to greatly depending on seasonal crop harvest to my surprise. This is my first time with Celestial Seasonings and I love it (for now). Hopefully its flavor maintains its consistency and I will be a long-term fan. The flavor is light but its floral fragrance and citrus infusion comes through...I've let it steep longer for a more robust taste. The leaves are bagged in simple fiber bags without strings instead of the two-sided or a tent-like paper bag with a tagged string. Note: the fiber bag prevents a quick infusion as would a paper tea bag. Each box is inner wrapped with a wax coated box liner...a plus for freshness where the once unwrapped the aroma is delightful. I highly recommend it and buying the 6-box case is the economical way to go for serious tea drinkers.5Excellent and recommended but do note caveats belowPlease note that unlike most Celestial teas this one does have some caffeine as it is a mixture of green and white teas. So, if you do not want any caffeine at all then this tea is not for you. Also, this is really not a substitute for those who have an appetite for a traditional black tea/cream/sugar combo. But if you're looking for something which is akin to herbal tea in flavor but carries a little extra punch from a little bit of caffeine plus whatever benefits regular tea (as opposed to herbal tea or infusion) confers then this is for you. Has a nice citrusy flavor too. The box says antioxidant which I presume comes from the teas. I have pretty much stepped away from black tea to this one. I admit it took a while to get used to the change. But not pouring all that caffeine and sugar into my system is probably a movement in the right direction. Additional ingredients have been thrown in such as Vitamins A and C. Unless you're allergic to vitamins :-) that shouldn't be an issue.5Not the tea I once knewI've been drinking Celestial Seasoning's decaf green mint since I first found it in a grocery store several years ago, and have been supplying myself with it through Amazon since March 2009. Originally what drew me to the tea was the strong green tea flavor combined with the mint. It was basically my two favorite teas in a single cup.Then they changed the blend to include white tea. I was initially unhappy with the change, but I have to admit that it had some very positive benefits: although it diluted the green tea flavor that I loved so much, it also meant that I didn't need to care as much about the temperature of the water. The original blend, like most straight green teas, was very easy to push over into bitter flavor territory if the water actually came to a full boil. With the new white tea blend, this was pretty much a non-issue. I got used to the flavor of the white tea-based blend pretty quickly, and probably because I didn't have to worry about the water started drinking it daily.However, this morning I cracked open the first of my most recent shipment of six boxes from Amazon and when I took the first sip knew that something was badly off. Sure enough, when I fished the old box out of the recycling and compared it to the new one I found that they had added ascorbic acid to the blend (for Vitamin C).This is not a good change. It adds a distinctly fruity/flowery flavor to the tea that is completely out of place. The flavor reminds me strongly of Celestial Seasoning's berry zinger teas (which I tried in a sampler pack, and never drank again); if you like sweet, fruity teas you might not mind this, but I can't stand sweet teas myself and now I find myself with six boxes of tea that I don't know what to do with. I'll probably save it for the summer and make iced tea (since cold cuts down on strong flavors, that should hopefully make it a bit more drinkable).Celestial Seasonings has proven themselves quite willing to experiment with their blend, so hopefully they will eliminate the ascorbic acid in the future or find some way to rid the tea of its fruity overtones, but until then I can no longer recommend this tea. As for what I'm going to replace it with, I'm at a bit of a loss. Maybe it's time to go back to straight green, interspersed with days of peppermint.2Decaf, full of antioxidants, and with a wonderful aroma.This is my favorite tea -- decaf, full of antioxidants, and with a wonderful aroma (not to mention flavor). I drink several cups a day, so when it became difficult to find at my local supermarket (I suspect they simply didn't stock enough to keep up with demand), where would I go but to Amazon, of course. I bought six packages (as a unit) and will certainly come back for more when this is gone.5Delicate yet aromatic, a blend that keeps me coming back for more.2/18/19 Edit: This is my second case purchase. I wanted to get this from my local grocers but the cost was way too high to be reasonable so I purchased here again. I love the delicate flavors and this is still my favorite tea ever.This is by far my favorite Sleepytime variety from Celestial Seasonings. I could no longer find this one in the grocery store aisles locally, so I came to Amazon to get it. The price seemed reasonable at $.17 cents per packet. I love the smooth and delicate flavor that this one has as a decaf green tea base. I like the lemongrass and jasmine in it with hints of orange. I have a cupboard full of Tazo, Stash, Zhenas, Traditional Medicinals, Bigelow & Celestial Seasonings and this is by far my favorite of 20 boxes in my tea cupboard.5Best flavor ever!My favorite bedtime tea favor(lemon Jasmine) ! Mild, soothing, and calming. Not too much of any flavor overpowering! My local grocery store stopped carrying it, so I get it here now. I brought some while a bunch of our friends and us were staying together for a friends wedding. Everyone ended up having a cup of it after the wedding because they loved the flavor after sipping mine, lol!5Most delicious green tea ever!I've always wanted to drink more green tea, but never cared for the flavor. A big fan of Celestial Seasonings, (although I don't like some of their flavors) I decided to try this one. It's delicious! It's naturally sweet, with just enough fruit flavor. It's decaf, so it's replaced my nightly cup of herbal tea. It's my new favorite tea and I order it by the case and give it to everyone to try. Makes a great hostess least in my circles. Highly recommend.5UnratedI trust Sleepytime teas to help me sleep naturally without any drugged morning after effect or melatonin hangover. Plus is just feels good to have a warm cup of tea at bedtime.This is the same general idea without any additives and with a light and tasty lemon jasmine flavor. How can you beat thar combination?This is a product that either works for you or it doesn t, there is no rating system. Whether or not it works for you (or not) doesn t make it a bad (or good) product, and for that reason my advice is to try some, see how you like it, and then decide if you want to continue using it.5Yummy healthy teaLove this tea, hard to find in stores in this specific flavor but it's my favorite. I've tried a lot of the flavored green teas, but this is the best (Elephant logo) Perfect hint of citrus and add honey (orange blossom) to add more sweetness and flavor if u like! Great price on amazon!5
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